8 Tips For Traveling With A Young Child

8 Tips For Traveling With A Young Child

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Want to know my secret tips for traveling with a young child? When living as a digital nomad, frequently going on vacation, and even more when it comes to traveling with a child for the first time, parents around the world are afraid that their little one will get bored on the plane and become hellish. No need to worry if you are the parent of a young toddler. We share her top 8 tips for traveling with your child. Thus, you can prepare your first trip with a baby or your little one with confidence. Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any purchase made through such links will award me a small commission (at absolutely no extra cost for you). These funds help me keep this blog up and running.  Learn more about it Here.

1. Fun Tips Traveling with a Young Child: Buy A Trunki, The Playful Children’s Suitcase

Trunki is certainly not given, but these suitcases will entertain toddlers even during long queues. Your child will be able to sit on it and the suitcase has a strap allowing you to pull the suitcase with your child seated on it – practical if the way to the boarding gate is long. I hope that a remote-controlled version will be released in the future! If you find Trunki expensive, know that there are other brands (less expensive) of suitcases specially designed for children such as Skoot Kids and Kiddee Cases. Planning a trip with your child is thinking about everything that needs to be optimized … as soon as the suitcase is prepared! Check out the Trunki Below:

2. Plan Your Flight With Your Child In 15-Minute Increments

To prepare a flight with your child, do not think “compact”, think rather in small slices. So, if you are on a three-hour flight, you will need to prepare a dozen activities to entertain your children. 

Give paper and pens for drawing or a few treats for snacking are great ways to keep your kids busy on the plane. Of course, it is unlikely that you will need ten activities to keep your toddlers in flight (especially if you manage to get them to sleep), but it is better to plan too many activities than not enough… and these activities can be used during all your family flights! Click the image below to Check out the BusyBag, Hours of Quiet Activities to Keep Kids Busy Traveling on Planes and Cars

Another secret I like to use when traveling with my toddler is the Travel Tray, 2 in 1 Robot Bag Kids Travel Tray with Large Capacity 17 Pockets – Detachable iPad Holder & PVC Dry Erase Board Car Seat Tray. It has 5 Bonus Educational Drawing Papers and 6 Color Pens. If my toddler is not sleeping, He’s definitely busy! Click the picture below to check it out!

3. Power Tips Traveling with a Young Child: Take A Portable Device

Are you looking for ways to keep your baby or child busy during a flight? The one thing all parents agree on is that there is nothing like a video to keep your child occupied. In moderation of course!

For this reason, equip yourself with a portable DVD player or a tablet if you decide to travel with a child. Portable DVD players can be a bit bulky and need to take several DVDs with you. The tablets, on the other hand, are much less bulky, but often have limited storage space. Please make sure to download all the videos you need before boarding the plane. Cartoons and movies can help keep your kids busy for most of the flight. As for you, you can rest in peace. My toddler has this Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8″ HD Display, 32 GB, Pink Kid-Proof Case:

4. Give Gifts To Your Child

Do you want to maintain a good mood throughout the flight? To prepare for your trip with a baby or the youngest, pack small toys that you can offer your children as a reward guide each time they have been calm for at least 1/2 hour. It is not necessarily necessary to buy expensive toys: you can very well offer them old toys which they have forgotten about. Small, soft animal-shaped toys are ideal. You can also take toys that you can “wind up” so that they move on their own on the folding shelf, even if there is always the risk that they end up by mistake on the legs of your neighbors… Of course, all good behavior does not necessarily require a reward, but for a first plane flight with baby, it’s ideal!

Smart idea: wrap the different activities you have prepared for your child – treats, stickers in gift wrap. This will allow you to keep your children busy while creating surprises every time.

I love My Quiet Book because: It has no losing parts, it’s a travel toy, it’s educational, machine washable and it has 9 Quiet activities to focus on. These activities include matching the velcro colored shapes, time telling and more.

5. Download Games Or Apps For Kids

If you don’t want to purchase your child their own device, before boarding, download some games or applications designed for children to your smartphone or tablet (do not forget to activate “airplane mode” on board the aircraft). Here again, you are not told to leave your children with their noses riveted on a screen … but to prepare a trip with your child, it is better to be prepared for everything!

6. Don’t Forget To Take Something Chewy

During landing, the ears can become blocked and become painful – this is why babies are often given a bottle, to encourage them to suck the nipple and to balance the pressure of the inner ears via the fallopian tubes. The principle is the same if you give a pacifier to your child during takeoff and landing. Children older than 3 years old can chew gum as long as you monitor them.Not only will it save her from earache, and it’ll distract her from those scary moments.

7. Tasty Tips Traveling with a Young Child: Bring Treats That Keep Well

Always with the idea of ​​keeping your child busy while on the air, offer them foods that require time to be eaten to keep them occupied for a certain time. A sachet of raisins is perfect because the raisins contain natural sugars. You can also take strawberries, fresh grapes or cherry tomatoes: these foods are healthy and fun to eat (but they are a little messier than raisins). Candy is a great way to “bribe” your kids but beware: if your child’s stomach is filled with candy, you’ll find it hard to keep them calm.

Try the CraveBox packed with Healthy Snacks

 8 Beware Of The “Airplane Police”!

When I’m afraid my child will become active, I tell him that the “plane police” (flight attendants) are looking him. I’m not telling you to scare your kids (after all, no one knows what the plane police do when they catch a rude kid). That said, this technique has proven to be very effective so that my child stops climbing on the seats, playing with the folding table, beating the seat in front of him and anything else that the passengers around you do not appreciate not necessarily… You might as well know as many methods as possible to calm your child on a plane, just to have a choice, right?

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